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Animal Mints Shatter – 1g

Animal Mints is an evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG strains. Looking for a delicious toke that…

Death Bubba Shatter – 1g

Death Bubba is a potent indica strain created by crossing Death Star x Bubba Kush strains. This dank strain boasts a powerful high with effects that…

Death Star Shatter – 1g

Death Star is a potent indica created by crossing Sense Star x Sour Diesel strains. With parents like these, you know you’re in for one…

Do-Si-Dos Shatter – 1g

Do-Si-Dos is a classic indica created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush Breath strains. This strain has a sweet minty cookie flavour that…

God Kush Shatter – 1g

God Kush is a pure indica created by a potent cross between God Bud x OG Kush strains. The high comes on immediately, with an uplifted…

Orangeade Shatter – 1g

Orangeade is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Tangie x Purple Punch strains. Named for its delicious flavour, Orangeade is great for any…

Peanut Butter Rockstar Shatter – 1g

Peanut Butter Rockstar is a relatively new indica hybrid created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath x Rockstar strains. The strain has a nutty caramel flavour…
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