Frosted Fruit Cake (AAAA) – Indica

Frosted Fruit Cake is an delicious indica strain created by crossing Jungle Cake x Strawberry Shortcake strains. This rare bud is pursued by users everywhere for its delicious flavour and even more enticing effects. Much like its name suggests, this bud has a tasty flavour of sweet berries, toasted sugary earth with a hint of diesel upon exhale. The high is very relaxed in nature, with a mildly uplifting euphoric onset that serves to put you in a great mood rather than providing any energy. This is followed by a body buzz that completely relaxes every part of you, leaving you sleepy and sedated, completely pain-free and utterly at ease.


THC: 20%-24%
CBD: 0.5%


Happy, Uplifted, Body High, Relaxing


Berry, Sweet, Earth, Diesel

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