Grandpa’s Stash Shatter – 1g – Balanced Hybrid


Grandpa’s Stash is an evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing the potent 1994 Super Skunk x 1992 OG Kush x 1970s Afghan Kush strains. Known for its heavy potency level and happy high, Grandpa’s Stash is one strain that you’ll want to break into again and again. It starts with a heady lift, filling your mind with an ecstatic euphoria and a flowing creativity. You’ll feel chatty and ready to carry on conversations with anyone and everyone around you. This is accompanied by a sense of physical relaxation that helps your body settle into a pain-free state of ease. This strain has a sweet and fruity woody pine flavour with a light touch of skunkiness to it, too.

Evenly Balanced Hybrid

THC: 70%-80%


Creative, Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed


Fruity, Skunk, Pine, Wood

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