Island Pink (AAAA) – Indica

Island Pink is a potent indica created by crossing the delicious Pink Kush x an unknown indica strain. Known for its gorgeous appearance, Island Pink is perfect for any indica lover who appreciates a delicious flavour, too. This dank bud has a sweet vanilla flavour accented by fresh flowery skunk and earth. The high is just as addictive as the flavour, with lifted and relaxing effects that are perfect for kicking back after a long day. The high starts with an influx of cerebral euphoria, launching you into a state of pure happiness and hazy bliss. As your mind soars, you’ll start to feel a tingly body high sneaking up on you, before it suddenly takes ahold and drops you into a state of pure relaxation and ease.


THC: 22%-26%
CBD: 0.5%


Happy, Hazy, Blissful, Relaxed


Vanilla, Sweet, Skunky, Floral

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