Pinetar (AAAA)

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Pinetar is a pure indica that is a direct descendant of the infamous Kush strain. This dank bud is named for its woody flavour and insanely sticky feel. Pinetar has a skunky pungent earthy flavour with a hint of woody citrus and hash that becomes spicy upon exhale, intensifying as you continue to smoke. The high starts with a euphoric and happy uplifting effect that leaves you blissful and slightly unfocused. As the high builds, you’ll feel a buzzing effect in the back of your head that relaxes you from head to toe. This body buzz will leave you sleepy and sedated with a ravenous sense of hunger that leaves you scrambling to find snacks before you get too sleepy to move.


THC: 20-22%
CBD: 0.5%


Blissful, Body High, Hungry, Sleepy


Skunk, Wood, Hash, Citrus, Earth

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