Pink Rosé (AAAA)

Pink Rosé is a rare evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing Runtz x Gelato #33 strains. This bud has a sweet berry citrus flavour with hints of gas and earth on the exhale. The high comes on strong, a few minutes after your final toke, first hitting your head with a happy and euphoric lift before spreading throughout the rest of your body. As the high expands, you’ll begin to feel a deeply calming effect spread through your limbs, leaving you totally sedated and couch-locked, immovable for hours and hours on end. This bud has dense grape-shaped olive green nugs with thin orange hairs, dark purple undertones and a coating of frosty tiny white purple-tinted crystal trichomes.

Evenly Balanced Hybrid

THC: 28%-30%
CBD: 0.5%


Euphoric, Uplifted, Calmed, Relaxed, Couch-Lock


Citrus, Berry, Gas, Earth

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