Tuna Kush Shatter – 1g


Tuna Kush is a rare indica dominant hybrid created as a phenotype of the classic Hindu Kush strain. This dank strain has a sour skunky taste that’s incredibly pungent with a harsh kush flavour that can leave you coughing. If you can get passed this funky taste, you’ll be met with one of the richest indica highs you can experience. The high has a heady onset of euphoria and a touch of energy that lifts your mood and leaves your mind wandering through dreamy introspection. This thoughtful and peaceful state will become stoney in concurrence with a warming body high that washes over you from top to bottom. These two effects blend together harmoniously, leaving you fully couch-locked and very sleepy.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 70%-80%


Euphoric, Happy, Calmed, Relaxed, Sleepy


Skunk, Pungent, Kush

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